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Global Business
轉學生專區Transfer Student
轉學生專區Transfer Student 
updated date:2016/01/22
1.繳交「成績單正本」至「系辦」,大恩951。  請於成績單表頭(直立A4, 上方空白處),請寫上「轉入班級/學號/姓名/英文名字/連絡手機/Email,如"全商系2"」
3.登入文化大學  學生專區  開始操作學分抵免程序
4. 通知助教,已至專區辦好抵免,請助教審查。之後,會再由教務處繼續審查。

【For Transfer students 】
updated date: 2016/01/22
1. Hand in your "original transcript" to "Dept. Office" locates at Da En 951. 
You shall put the following information to notice the office about your document.
On the top (upright A4, in the blank place), please write 
"the class grade/ student number / Name / nickname / mobile / Email, 
 the class grade is such as" Global Business 2 "."

2. Find out “Courses Requirement” of your future class grade , it is a reference to waive your credits into PCCU.

3. Sign in university’s website and operate in the credit waive system. 
*If you were unable to operate this system due to it is a Chinese condition, please contact with us to a paper work.

4. Once you complete on all waived requests, you shall contact with office. The officer will start on the check and continue to be review by the Office of Academic Affairs.

5. After about 3-7 working days, you can log in to review the results of your requests.