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Online Withdraw Process

【Academic year 105 Semester 1 Course Withdraw Notification】
Online Course Withdrawal (期中棄休) Nov 28 9:00~Dec. 2 midnight

**** Read this sample of operation.,c4313-1.php

1) Time: 28 November – 2 December midnight
 (Online application only)

2) Maximum two course can be withdraw.

 a) Go to
 b) Log into chinese version system (not in english version system)
 c) Click the icon below to the withdraw page: 課業服務 - 棄修申請

**** Read this sample of operation.,c4313-1.php

4) Please inform your class teacher about this onine withdraw.

5) Result will release on December. Please check for your application and inform the university if there are any mistake.

6) Minimum credits left in the semester after students withdraw.
 Undergraduate student:
 1st-3rd year - 10 credits
4th year-9 credits
 Extended- at least one course

Postgraduate student:
 Master-2 credits
 PhD- 2 credits

7)The withdraw course will be noted as "w" in your transcript but the withdraw credits are not included.

8) If you already paid for some courses, it will not be refund.

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